Makan's Public Host

What is this?

If you ended up here, you were probably looking at some links that I share around. Well, this is my mini-domain that I use to host random things. For example, images that I upload with my screenshot program get uploaded to this domain or asset files I use on other pages. This is kind of like my dump server where everything gets thrown in for me to use alongside my other projects or for fun.

Can I use the files here?

Uhh, it kind of depends what you're using. I'd recommend not using the asset files found in because many of them have licenses tied to them. If you use them without a valid license you could risk falling into trouble. Things found on feel free to download and use if it's just a random screenshot, but leave credit! If you ever have doubts you can contact me at my website.

Can I upload files too?

Not yet chief, but hey, it's an idea for the future!